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Our Approach to Investing and Service

The Lincoln Premier Series was designed specifically for select clients who prefer to have their investment portfolio managed based on their own objectives and preferences. We make it our business to understand your life situation, expectations and goals. We believe it's the only way to ensure you get the information, advice and solutions to make sound investment decisions. We incorporate a disciplined, structured investment process that follows five steps:

Step 1 – Advice and Planning

We draw on extensive experience in asking the right questions to lay a solid foundation for your investment plan. We review your current finanical situation in detail to better understand your short- and long-term objectives, such as liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, return objectives and income requirement. Working with you, we use this information to clearly define your goals and expectations.

Step 2 – Portfolio Modeling Analysis and Design

Our aim is to help you toward your financial goals, while maintaining the appropriate balance between investment returns and risk. To assist us in this step of our process, we utilize various modeling and allocation tools to analyze such factors as your financial situation, assets and cash flow needs. Together we then agree on your optimal portfolio.

Step 3 – Investment Selection and Implementation

Based on the information you provide, we will recommend investments and/or investment manager to implement your investment strategy. Our open-architecture approach allows us to access a broad array of financial product solutions and investment management expertise to deploy in the management of your portfolio.

Step 4 – Investment Review and Reporting

Our disciplined, mulit-step approach is an ongoing, dynamic process. Your financial advisor will regularly assess your evolving needs, your investments and market events. This process helps ensure your plan and our resources are working to your advantage. You will receive comprehensive reports that illustrate your investment holding, asset allocation, transactions and performance. These reports help us keep your assets aligned with your long-term investment goals and objectives.

Step 5 – Periodic Reevaluation and Portfolio Adjustment

Because your personal situation changes, we review your individual abjectives as well as your portfolio's asset allocation and adjust your portfolio to ensure it continues to help meet your changing investment needs and goals.


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